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Monthly Comp Class Attendance Policy

General Policy – Students must pay a fee each month for agility class; students must pay this monthly

fee whether or not they actually attend classes, in order to hold their spot on the class roster.


Exceptions – “Student Sabbaticals”

Should the student or student’s dog become injured/ill and be required to temporarily refrain

from training, he/she will be given a reprieve from paying the fee for one month beginning only

on the 1 st of the month and ending only on the last day of the month. (ie. Split months will not

be allowed) Each dog is eligible for this “Sabbatical” from payments only one time in any 12-

month period. Should the student’s/dog’s injury/illness cause them to miss more than one

month, or if that dog has already taken their “Sabbatical” within the prior 12-month period, the

student will be required to begin paying the monthly fee once again or continue paying for their

spot until the prior 12 month requirement has been satisfied, or risk losing his/her spot in class.

To take advantage of this Sabbatical, send your request via email to

before the first of the month for which you would like to take the sabbatical. Please use an

email that you will have access to as DePaw will update you as to the status of your request by

replying to your email as soon as possible.

Filling spots in class – Should a student stop paying monthly fees without any notice to DePaw, after two

months DePaw reserves the right to fill the student’s spot on the class roster with another team. Filling

open spots will be given to students in the following order: 1) those who graduated from the Starters

Series (Beginning Obstacles and Sequencing) at DePaw, 2) former students, 3) brand new students that

trained somewhere other than DePaw.

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